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>HO Scale
HO Scale Narrow Gauge
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Item Number Item Price
DGP-112 Durango Press HOn3 Scale Highside Gondola Kit - D&RGW $16.96
DGP-114 Durango Press HOn3 Scale Pipe Gondola Kit - D&RGW $16.96
Image Coming Soon DGP-116 Durango Press HOn3 Scale Idler Flatcar Kit - D&RGW $15.26
DGP-16 Durango Press HOn3 Scale Caboose Parts $10.16
Image Coming Soon DGP-22 Durango Press HOn3 Scale Handcar Kit $11.01
Image Coming Soon DGP-29 Durango Press HOn3 Scale Handcar Shed Kit w/Handcar $28.01
Image Coming Soon DGP-30 Durango Press HOn3 Scale Rotary Snowplow Kit $93.46
DGP-50 Durango Press HOn3 Scale Westside Lumber Flat Car Kit $16.96
Image Coming Soon DGP-53 Durango Press HOn3 Scale Flat Car Kit w/Rotted Boards - WSL $16.96
DGP-55 Durango Press HOn3 Scale Caboose Kit WSL $19.51
DGP-58 Durango Press HOn3 Scale New Mexico Log Car Kit $11.86
DGP-51 Durango Press HOn3 Scale Flanger Kit - RGS $33.11
Image Coming Soon BNS-565 Builders In Scale HO Narrow Gauge Ore Trestle Kit $21.23
CNT-60031 Centerline Products HO Scale "D30" Die-Cast Rail Cleaner w/Proto 2000 Trucks & Accumate Cplrs $63.50
CNT-60035 Centerline Products HO Scale "HO-2" Solid Brass Rail Cleaner w/Mantua Trucks & Horn Hook Cplrs $90.00
Image Coming Soon CNT-60105 Centerline Products HOn3 Scale Drawbar Adapter (converts D30 or HO-2 cleaners to HOn3 scale) $6.00
KAD-308 Kadee "Under-The-Track" Uncoupler Kit $4.13
KAD-624 Kadee HOn3 Scale Truck Springs For #716 & #717 Trucks (1 dozen) $1.15
KAD-715 Kadee HOn3 Scale Truck Assembly Fixture $5.47
KAD-716 Kadee HOn3 Scale Truck With 3'-7" Wheel Centers (1 pair) $8.25
KAD-717 Kadee HOn3 Scale Truck With 4'-6" Wheel Centers (1 pair) $8.25
KAD-718 Kadee HOn3 Scale 26" Ribbed Freight Wheelsets (1 dozen) $7.80
KAD-636 Kadee HOn3 Scale Centering Springs For #711 & #714 Couplers (1 dozen) $1.23
KAD-702 Kadee HOn3 Scale Coupler Assembly Fixture For #711 & #714 Couplers $8.22
KAD-704 Kadee HOn3 Scale Coupler Height Gauge $6.35
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