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Books - Prototype & History
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Item Number Item Price
Image Coming Soon MBI-139906AP Motorbooks "Steam Rail: A Modern View" $29.71
KAL-01001 Kalmbach "Model Railroader Cyclopedia, Volume 1: Steam Locomotives" $42.46
MBI-144648 Motorbooks "North American Steam Locomotive Builders and Their Insignia" $37.36
KAL-01208 Kalmbach "Tourist Trains Guidebook, 2nd Edition" Book $16.96
MBI-144570 Motorbooks "The Railroad Never Sleeps: A Day in the Life of Modern Railroading" Book $29.75
MBI-145948 Motorbooks "Interurban Trains to Chicago" Book $16.96
MBI-146530 Motorbooks "The Long Haul: American Trucking Companies" Book $29.71
MBI-146640 Motorbooks "Pacific Coast Commuter Railroads: From San Diego to Anchorage" Book $25.46
MBI-148894 Motorbooks "Buses of Western Flyer and New Flyer Industries Photo Archive" Book $28.01
MBI-148968 Motorbooks "Tug Book: 2nd Edition" Book $42.46
Image Coming Soon PRS-96000 Preiser "HO Scale WWII German Army Modeling/History" Hardcover Book (German text only) $36.54
MBI-149727 Motorbooks "Railroad Signaling" $21.24
MBI-192453 Motorbooks "American Passenger Train Equipment 1940s-1980s" $33.96
MBI-193745 Motorbooks "Railroad Freight Car Slogans & Heralds" $28.01
KAL-64445 Kalmbach "Amtrak: An American Story" $16.96
KAL-01116 Kalmbach "Hot Spots Guidebook" Book $21.21
MBI-196316 Motorbooks "Chicago Postwar Passenger & Comuter Trains" Book $29.71
MBI-200247 Motorbooks "North American Locomotives, A Railroad-by-Railroad Photohistory" Book $42.50
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