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Books - How-to
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Item Number Item Price
Image Coming Soon BAD-510 Badger Airbrushing Techniques for Custom Painting Volume II $16.15
KAL-12012 Kalmbach "101 Track Plans for Model Railroaders" $15.29
KAL-12148 Kalmbach "Track Planning for Realistic Operation, 3rd Edition" $18.66
KAL-12216 Kalmbach "How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery, 3rd Edition" $21.21
KAL-12228 Kalmbach "Model Railroaders Guide to Locomotive Servicing Terminals" $16.11
KAL-12258 Kalmbach "Basic Structure Modeling for Model Railroaders" $16.96
KAL-12452 Kalmbach "The Model Railroader's Guide to Bridges, Trestles & Tunnels" $16.96
KAL-12409 Kalmbach "The Model Railroader's Guide to Industries Along The Tracks 2" $16.96
KAL-12415 Kalmbach "Get Started In Garden Railroading" $6.76
KAL-12453 Kalmbach "The Model Railroader's Guide to Coal Railroading" $16.96
ATL-15 Atlas "Blueprints For 10 True-Track Layouts" $3.96
BAC-99978 Bachmann E-Z Model Railroads Track Planning Book $22.13
KAL-12410 Kalmbach "Planning Scenery for Your Model Railroad" Book $18.66
KAL-12419 Kalmbach "Shelf Layouts for Model Railroads" Book $16.96
KAL-12422 Kalmbach "Model RailroaderÆs Guide to Industries Along the Tracks #3" Book $16.96
KAL-12423 Kalmbach "The Model Railroader's Guide to Logging Railroads" Book $16.11
KAL-12424 Kalmbach "Mid-Size Track Plans for Realistic Layouts" Book $18.66
KAL-12425 Kalmbach "Painting Backdrops for Your Model Railroad" Book $16.11
KAL-12426 Kalmbach "How to Use an Airbrush, 2nd Edition" Book $18.66
KAL-12428 Kalmbach "N Scale Railroading: Getting Started in the Hobby, 2nd Edition" Book $16.96
KAL-12434 Kalmbach "Designing and Building Multi-Deck Model Railroads" Book $16.96
KAL-12437 Kalmbach "The Model Railroader's Guide to Diesel Locomotives" Book $16.96
KAL-12456 Kalmbach "Modeling the '50s - The Glory Years of Rail" Book $16.96
KAL-12458 Kalmbach "Done in a Day" Book $16.96
KAL-12435 Kalmbach "The Model RailroaderÆs Guide to Steel Mills" $18.66
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